Who are we?

We are distributor of high-end fashion and sports eyewear. Started in 1993, our mission is to provide only the best quality and design of the most sought after eyewear styles in the world. With a distribution network in 21 countries and 145 cities around the globe, that mission is in clear sight. The Sollini Group controls all aspects of eyewear production. From product inception to distribution, our Group ensures the highest quality for our customer. We have a multi-level process of creative services which guarantees only the best eyewear is made.


Design is the first important step of the process. This stage is where dreams are made. Carefully crafted sketches are drawn and visions are created.


Production is where dreams are realized and become a reality. Our skilled production team treats every piece of eyewear as if it was their own.


Our distribution method consists of wholesale and re-seller distribution to stores in many different regions and online distribution through our e-commerce website.


We have a variety of licensed brands from well-known design houses such as Sky, Fiorini, Gekko, RPM, Kabbana, and others.


The end result of our high production and manufacturing standards is quality. It is the cornerstone of our brand. Each piece of eyewear is carefully crafted with precision to ensure only the best quality and design reaches the market.

House Brands

Our house brands are unique to our Group. We feature eyewear that is only available exclusively through us.

Group Corporate Communications

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